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At the Institute For Automotive Business Excellence we offer a variety of classes from our “Not For Owners Only” live classes and webinars to a complete online training course.

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“Confident Selling – Advanced Service Advisor Workshop”

Training Location:
The Institute Training Facility
1895 Washington Street, Ogden Utah

Everyone that takes this class leaves with more confidence in themselves and in their product. When confidence improves sales improves. Learn how the right processes will give you more time, and increase your confidence and the value of your product. Learn how to stop doing the things that you should not and focus on your customers and selling. If you want to improve your confidence and increase your selling skills then this class is a must.

  • What is a Service Advisors Job – An effective job description
  • 13 Important Processes for Service Advisors – Create Time & Success
  • 10 Big Mistakes Made by Service Advisors
  • Creating Confidence in Yourself and Your Product
  • What makes you special – your U.S.P. (Why You)
  • The keys to turn people from Price to Value
  • Selling and closing Phone Shoppers – Stop talking Price
  • 15 rules for Writing Service
  • The Management Cycle
  • Getting others to do what you want them to do

Click to register for the Feb 26th – Feb 28th , or  Mar 11th – Mar 13th,  or May 14th – 16th sessions of this class.

“The Keys to Success” Improving Profitability”

If you want to know how to get what you want and if you want to know what the keys are to being successful in an Automotive Service and Repair Business then this class is a must. Learn the keys to financial success, to being an effective leader and the keys to managing staff to get the results that you want. Make running your business easier and more profitable – spend the day with us and improve your bottom line by 5% or more.

  • 15 Keys to Success
  • 6 Most Important Numbers to Know
  • Accounting v Management
  • Leading the Team to Success
  • Get what you WANT!
  • The Management Cycle

This class is a great class for all business owners to take so they can decide if their business is giving them what they deserve. You will be guided to understand several KPI’s to measure in your business and use to know when you are WINNING the game.

Click to register for one of the ten sessions of this class scheduled for Jan 30th, Jan 31st,  Feb 20th, Feb 21st, Apr 2nd, Apr 3rd, Apr 9th, Apr 16th, Apr 17th, and May 22nd . These classes are held throughout the United Sates and are OPEN to the PUBLIC.

“Improving Communications and Flow for Technicians”

Teaching technicians better communication strategies that result in . . .

Less Stress Higher Incomes Better Productivity Satisfied Customers

  • A Tech’s View of Sales
  • Business and Sales Concepts Explained
  • Lower Car Count CAN Equal Better Production, Better Pay
  • ARO Theory
  • Making Money the Easy Way
  • Goal Setting
  • Creating an Estimate that SELLS
  • The 5 C’s
  • Productivity and Efficiency
  • Turning Great Inspections into Great Estimates
  • What the Service Advisor Needs to Sell the Work & Help You Succeed
  • Service Writing/Selling Explained

Click to register for the Feb 6th  or May 21st session of this class.

“Understanding the Numbers – The Keys to Your Financial Success ”

The numbers can be your best friend or worst enemy. Those that track and understand their numbers have the best chance of creating the success they desire. Setting financial goals and strategic financial planning are essential to getting the most from your business. We will walk you through all the numbers that are important to you and begin teaching you what they mean and where to look for the problems in your business and the best solutions.

  • What are the Key Numbers for your business and where/how do you find them
  • 3 Calculations Necessary for Setting Financial Goals
  • The Essential Financial Basics – Math
  • Management Numbers vs Financial Numbers
  • Understanding your Profit and Loss, and your Balance Sheet
  • Break Even is Not Good Enough
  • Balancing your Business Financially to get the Most out of It
  • Calculating and Understanding your Capacity
  • Planning for Your Financial Success

Click HERE to register for the Feb 1st & 2nd session of this class.

“Leading and Managing – Creating the Winning Team”

Winning teams have Strong Leaders and Managers. Understanding how to lead and manage staff is essential to getting what you want in business. Business without leadership and management reach equilibrium (a balance point close to but not quite at the point of going broke). And… these businesses can flounder for years until the staff and ownership are just plain worn out. We will teach you necessary leadership and management skills that will help you to inspire and get the most out of your team.

  • 3 Things Necessary to Inspire the Team
  • What Good Leaders Do
  • Creating Clear Vision and Mission
  • Using your Vision to Create your Goals
  • Managing the Team to the Win
  • Inspiring Others Around You
  • How to Hold a Company Meeting and an Individual Meeting

Click HERE to register for the Feb 22nd & 23rd session of this class.

“The Systems and Processes Necessary to WIN”

Systems and processes create consistent performance from your staff: making mediocre people good and good people great, while helping to deliver consistent results for the customers and the business. There are more than 27 systems and processes necessary to get the most from your staff and your business. Customers would rather you be consistently bad than inconsistently good. We will teach you what these processes are and how to implement them in your business.

  • Consistent Management Insures Success – The Management Cycle
  • How to turn Phone Shoppers into Appointments
  • 3 Essential Processes to Maximize your Business
  • Properly Documenting Work
  • Hiring and Training Great Employees
  • Vehicle Delivery and Getting Quality Referrals
  • 7 Steps to Managing Staff
  • 12 Steps to Solving Problems

Click HERE to register for the Mar 31st – Apr 1st session of this class.

“Good Communication is Essential to Success”

Having consistent communication with the team is a necessary part of getting what you want. Teams that communicate will outperform those that do not. Does your staff understand what you want and how you want them to go about getting it? Does you team have regular and successful communication? Are you getting what you want without working too hard? Does it sometimes seem that the business is running you instead of you running the business? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you should attend this class.

  • Vision and Goal Setting
  • Getting Agreement
  • Leading Staff to the Answers you Need
  • How to have Successful Team Meetings
  • One-on-One Communication
  • Removing Anger from the Equation
  • The 10 Keys to Effective Listening
  • How to be Heard

Click HERE to register for the Apr 11th & 12th session of this class.

“Find and/or Create a Winning Team – Finding, Interviewing and Hiring the Right People”

Many shops hire good people but through a lack of clear communication and training turn them into non-performers and worse. Finding, hiring and training good people to do the job the way you want is the one thing that will guarantee your success more than anything else you can do. So… why do we hire the wrong people and then stick them in the shop with little or no training? We will teach you how to define the person you want who is most likely to get the job done, how to interview them and inspire them to win.

  • Attitude vs Aptitude
  • Finding Techs and Service Advisors
  • 8 Steps to Attract Good People
  • The Interview Process
  • Creating Clear Job Descriptions
  • Implementing a Mentorship Program
  • Creating and Managing Clear Expectations
  • The Fundamentals for Inspiring Staff

Click HERE to register for the May 12th & 13th session of this class.

“The Fundamentals Needed to Brand and Market your Company ”

Understanding what you have to offer your customer and which customers will want/need your product and be willing to pay for it is essential to your success. Bringing in the wrong customer causes undue stress and brings in little if any profit; in fact it usually cost you money. We will teach you how to match your product to your customers and how to reach out to and attract the right customers.

  • Goals and Planning are the Beginning to Success
  • Defining your Brand and Your Customer
  • Matching your Values to the Right Customer
  • The Core 6
  • Creating a Marketing Plan and Budget
  • The 3 R’s
  • Just do IT

Click to register for the Apr 7th & 8th or June 10th & 11th sessions of this class.

“Advanced Marketing and Advertising Skills”

Once you understand who your best customer is and what it is that they want that you have you need to get them to call and you need to get them to make an appointment. We will explore the marketing and advertising that is currently being used to bring in those customers that will make you most successful. And… we will discuss new technologies for targeting and getting in front of more of the right customers.

  • Rethinking and Redefining your Perfect Customer
  • Is Your Messaging Right?
  • Essentials to a Successful Website and SEO
  • Turning the Phone to your Most Useful Tool
  • 50 Ways Successful Shops are Attracting the Right Customer
  • Drop Cards
  • Funneling and AB Marketing
  • Community Involvement
  • Using Social Media
  • Referral Programs
  • Rebate Programs
  • Concierge Service
  • Etc…


“Mastering Sales Skills and Customer Service”

Now that they are on the phone or in the shop it is imperative that you get them to buy your product and that they feel important. Selling is an art and we can teach you how to be an artist. 68% of the customers that leave a business and don’t come back do so because of indifference. Learn the skills to make every customer feel like they are important and appreciated.

  • Ethical Selling
  • What Your Customers Really Want
  • Attitude is Everything
  • Story Telling – Creating Emotion
  • Shifting the Customers Perspective
  • The Customer Ladder – Moving them to become Advocates
  • WOWing your Customers
  • 10 Biggest Mistakes Service Advisors Make
  • Turning People from Price to Value
  • Soft Selling – Getting them to the Yes
  • 10 Keys to Listening

Click HERE to register for the June 27th & 28th session of this class.

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