What is the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence?

The Institute is a company founded by Cecil Bullard, a leading automotive consultant & trainer in the industry. Cecil has put together some of the best shop owners/trainers to provide top notch, proven strategies to business owners and their staff so they can bring more profits to their bottom line, enjoy the freedom of being a business owner and provide the best to every customer.

What does the Institute team do?

Our team coaches Institute clients, teaches classes and facilitates Smart groups and Performance Groups across the nation.

How can I get involved?

Call us, email us or message us through facebook and we can tell you how you can take the first step to a smoother running business.

What is a Smart or Performance Group?

These groups are corporate clients that have put together several shop owners in a mastermind format to teach implementation of proven strategies that will strengthen your business in the marketplace, provide added value to every customer, bring better pay to employees and profit to the bottom line of the business. Our group members experience 14%-28% net profit once they have implemented several of the methods we teach.

This looks like it takes a lot of work. I am not sure I can do it.

We know it seems odd, but you are already doing too much work if you are not bringing in an acceptable 15-20% profit in your business. Just think of all the efforts you put in daily, and then when you get to the bottom line, there is no profit. Doesn’t it make sense that you could do a bit less work, get the team together and reap the rewards? We can show you how, as many of our clients are experiencing just that.

I have been in this industry for years – why do I need the Institute?

If you are bringing in 20% net profit and you have the freedoms you deserve, then maybe you don’t. But, if you aren’t, then why? When you are “in the storm” it is like being in the funnel of a tornado – you are so busy ducking from the flying cow and couch that you can’t see the big picture. Having a business coach is better than having a life coach and can bring you the freedom and financial stability you deserve.

How do I get started?

All you need to do is contact us. We will set up a conference call with you and explain how our services can benefit you and your company. Just let us show you how!

How do I know this will work?

The Institute currently works with hundreds of shops across the country and internationally. Shops that have been following our instructions for years and can attest to the success they have experienced through our program. But, it is up to you, you and your team are the people on the front lines performing the job. How well you implement those plans has a direct effect on your success.

What if I want to go to a class?

That’s easy. Register online and make your arrangements and we will see you there. A member of our team can help guide you with all the details to make sure you are ready to attend.

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