The idea behind The Institute was to create a place where automotive service professionals could go to get anything that they might need to run their business efficiently and profitably.  The Institute for Automotive Business Excellence offers comprehensive consulting, education and training for Shop Owners, Managers, Service Advisors and anyone that wants to better understand their business so that they can maximize results and make running their business easier. In other words, we wanted to create a complete list of forms, processes, spreadsheets, pay plans, etc… “in a box” or in this case on the web to make it easier to run your business. 

We specialize in helping business owners better understand their business so that they can make good decisions and get what they want from their business and their life. Each of our consultants and coaches  have  run very successful and profitable automotive businesses, and many still play the game every day in their own businesses.


We think of our website as a virtual Knowledge Center for Owners, Managers and Service Advisors across the United States, Canada and Internationally. You can schedule to attend our classes, sign up for an online concept class or webinar.  And… keep informed with some of the best training in the industry. With a membership to the Iforabe website you can gain access to hundreds of training courses, webinars, documents and much more. We have several instrumental forms and process maps that give your team a roadmap to follow. Our parts matrix, pay plans and KPI’s all work together seamlessly for the success of your business and managing employees to achieve their goals.


Webinars are given by top industry professionals monthly on various topics and last approximately 60 minutes. These webinars provide question and answer time at the end of each session and documents for your use. And… we have a library of these webinars so that members can access them when they want and review important concepts over and over if they choose.Concept Shorts (short one concept trainings) are 10 to 15 minutes in length, designed to teach one simple concept that will help you, and your staff, be more successful.  There is a library of each Concept Short so you will be able to replay them as often as you like with your membership.


Our longer online classes are broken down into smaller (30 minute to 1hr.) sections so the attendee may complete the course at their discretion. Between class sections is a question and answer quiz to help you (or your staff) determine if you grasped the materials. These quizzes must be passed with 80% or better in order to move forward to the next section. Once all sections are completed and a more complete and comprehensive test is passed, a certificate is issued online. Attendee may also purchase a framed, embossed certificate at an additional cost.  This library of classes is currently one of the few places where you can get professional business training focused on running an automotive service business and the list of classes available continues to grow.


From our site you can access expert consulting services (talk with a qualified business consultant), training, education and interact in our Members Forum called “The Meeting Place”. The Meeting place is where you can go to post a question or situation and get feedback from fellow peers and professionals. You are encouraged to post anything you feel would be helpful to someone else, maybe something you had to learn the hard way, or you might want to share about how you and your team powered through a difficult situation or just ask a question that has been on your mind. Our website is for the business end, not the technical side. Technicians have several online forums, but we have found very few productive business forums for automotive professionals. It is our pleasure to introduce an interactive place for owners to come and diagnosis their business. (With a little help from us and our comprehensive spreadsheets) Sign on, join in and give yourself a voice in this conversation.