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The Institute for Automotive Business Excellence offers expert advice from our experienced and knowledgeable consultants. (Every one a successful business owner) Let us help you make your business stronger, more efficient and more profitable. Full analysis and comprehensive consulting services are offered to individual entrepreneurs, small businesses and corporate clients.

Cecil Business Strategy | Institute for Automotive Business Excellence
Developing Business Strategy

We currently have two corporate clients. Our company provides many of the classes for the Worldpac Training Institute and provides Service Consulting for Braun Dealerships across the nation. We have worked with Firestone, Big-O Tires and continue to develop new relationships to help companies guide their teams to the next level of service in their industries. Our team is available to discuss developing a partnership with your company and can assist you in developing the A Team for your business.

Bill and Ryan in class | Institute for Automotive Business Excellence
Complete Business Analysis

Our Customized Masters Program Consulting package has produced leaders in the industry from New York to California. Over the last eleven years automotive owners have contracted to complete our 24 month education and are maintaining productive, profitable businesses today. In depth analysis, ongoing professional experience at your fingertips and a comprehensive roadmap built especially for you and your business all combine to make our program like no other offered anywhere. Call us and we can guide you towards the next step to achieving your goals.