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  • Charging Premium Prices

    Wednesday 07 August 2019

    As a shop owner considering charging premium prices, you’ve likely realized that in order to charge a premium price, you need to provide a premium service. But what does premium even mean? How is it defined when there are other shops marketing premium services but all delivering different levels of service? And how do you stand out from the crowd? ... read more

  • Town Hall Academy 077: Business Coaches LAB – Standards

    Tuesday 31 July 2018

    Town Hall Academy 077: Business Coaches LAB – Standards features Cecil Bullard and other industry professionals discussing the need for standards in the shop, standards for customers, standards for inspections, and more. Check it out on YouTube

  • Town Hall Academy 078: Low Hanging Financial Fruit to Improve Your Bottom Line

    Tuesday 31 July 2018

    BJ was a guest on Town Hall Academy #78. He, Cam, and the other guests discuss the "Low Hanging Financial Fruit to Improve Your Bottom Line". Check out this great discussion about how your shop can improve your bottom line and improve your customer service. It's on YouTube now... read more

  • 5-steps to Finding a Great Auto Repair Shop

    Wednesday 13 June 2018

    I often have friends ask me where a good place would be to take their vehicles. After years of owning an independent repair shop and consulting, I can definitely say that there are indicators that you’ve found a good place. Honesty is key of course but it’s not nearly as much of an issue as some would think. There are many honest auto shops out there that still don’t do their customers any favors. Here are 5 steps to help you choose a place to have your vehicle serviced should... read more

  • Knowing and Understanding Your Value

    Monday 11 June 2018

    Do you understand what value you bring to your customers? What is your service worth?  What is it about the automotive repair industry that causes us to take pride in our poverty?  There are many shop owners who feel they have to discount to attract and retain customers.  When we discount, what message are we sending?  We tell our customers that our work is not worth that much.  We tell our employees that they are not worth that much.  We send a message to the wor... read more

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