• Top 5 SEO Tips for Auto Repair Shops

    Friday 10 January 2020

    Are potential customers easily finding your shop when they search online? Or are you losing out in possible revenue because your site isn’t showing up with common searches? This week’s blog is all about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and, while there is a plethora of information on the subject, we will focus exclusively on the top 5 SEO tips for auto repair shops. So, if you’re feeling overwhelmed or just not sure where to start in making sure your shop’s SEO is tip-top... read more

  • Auto Shop Reviews: The Good, The Bad, & How to Handle Them

    Friday 03 January 2020

    Consider today’s world of digital marketing, social media, websites, and instant messaging. What do you think customers are looking at most when they find your shop for the first time? While the content and appearance of your site and social channels is important, one of the first places potential customers flock to is the review section. Reviews have become gold, a currency that you can use to boost your image or one that can easily drown you in the debt of scaring off future clients... read more

  • December Interview: Millennials with Kelly

    Thursday 02 January 2020

    Millennials could be considered one of the most popular buzzwords of the decade, with numerous articles being published almost daily about the generation. Many of these articles claim that this generation (noticeably the largest and most diverse of ages) is different from those before it, some even claiming that millennials are harder to work with and harder to market. While the data on these claims seems to go back and forth, it’s true that any generation will be different from the previo... read more

  • November Interview: Technology with Seth Thorson

    Friday 22 November 2019

    Technology is always changing and seemingly advancing at faster and faster speeds each day. While the innovation is fascinating, it can at times feel like a harpoon to the automotive repair industry as much as it is a life vest. Matt Henry How can independent shops compete with rising technological needs and systems? Should you fight to always be t... read more

  • October Interview: Hiring with Kent

    Wednesday 23 October 2019

    How to Find, Hire and Train with Kent Bullard Check out the video above for our recent interview with Kent Bullard, a rising name in the industry who is in charge of hiring for the Institute itself. October is all about hiring and training the best auto shop team, so we sat down with Kent to see what he thought about the subject. Watch the video for the full answers or read below for a summary of the interview: Why do you think the automotive industry is seeing such a decline in hiring... read more

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