• Selling Service with Confidence and Clarity

    Wednesday 22 April 2015

    I think Confidence and Clarity are at least two traits you must have when selling services to your customers. Without the two, you are surely hurting your potential sales goals. Think about when someone is trying to sell you something, how do you feel? Do you want someone who knows their product or service well? How about someone who is hesitant and wishy-washy? Do you want them to be clear and confident in what they are telling you? I think so…. so when you are dealing with your custom... read more

  • 5-steps to finding a great auto repair shop

    Tuesday 24 March 2015

    I often have friends ask me where a good place would be to take their vehicles. After years of owning an independent repair shop and consulting, I can definitely say that there are indicators that you’ve found a good place. Honesty is key of course but it’s not nearly as much of an issue as some would think. There are many honest auto shops out there that still don’t do their cus tomers any favors. Here are 5 steps to help you choose a place to have your vehicle serviced should you have... read more

  • Vision with action can change the world

    Tuesday 24 March 2015

    As Joel barker says in the quote above Vision (or a Vision Statement) is a critical part of an organization. Without a clear and understood vision in your shop, managers, service writers and technicians are just going through the daily motions to get the job done. Day to day, passing the time, until closing time. Employees of shops without a clear and understood vision run a high risk of burn out because they don’t have an understood, meaningful reason for being there. They will fe... read more

  • Leadership Blog

    Thursday 19 March 2015

    Leadership is the practice of allowing people to do things how they want to get the results you require. A leader gives staff the goal of a result, or a required task and allows the trusted employee to take care of the details. Management is controlling how things are done. Managers focus on how the job is done to ensure it is done the way they want. In this case the manager takes full responsibility for the result, requiring the staff member to do it a certain way. If it does not w... read more

  • What Can an Owner Expect From an Employee

    Tuesday 23 April 2013

    What can the owner expect from employees? This is not a simple question. What should be expected from employees is: They perform all the duties of their position in such a manner as to insure the company meets or exceeds it’s goals and customers are more than happy with the service or product that they provide, and they do so without causing undue stress on the management, the business or the clients while meeting the determined and agreed upon goals for their position... read more