Should I Charge Premium Prices

As a shop owner considering charging premium prices, you’ve likely realized that in order to charge a premium price, you need to provide a premium service. But what does premium even mean? How is it defined when there are other shops marketing premium services but all delivering different levels of service? That’s the thing about premium. Premium is a relative idea that does not mean the same thing to every person. How a potential customer defines and understands premium depends  continue reading

Yes, More Rules

I’ve been practicing minimalism since November of last year. It’s been an interesting experience and probably the one that’s changed my perspective the most. When I started, I was spending well over the amount that I made, and I was spoiling my new love interest. I took her to lavish dinners, bought her extravagant gifts, the whole deal. I was seriously in debt and I bought more and more things to distract me from that realization. I was living off  continue reading