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The Institute for Automotive Business Excellence is a nationally respected company that guides business owners to achieve profitable, sustainable success in this industry through proven strategies and best practices. Our mission at the Institute is to improve the quality and accessibility of business education while reducing the cost. We do this by taking advantage of multiple tools, small seminars, phone consultation, concept classes and webinars just to name a few. Our unique business structure allows us to deliver quality education for much less than traditional models.

The consultants at The Institute provide comprehensive instruction needed to take your business forward. They know the landscape of the automotive industry today and are working every day towards paving new pathways for creating and maintaining customers.

Cecil Bullard - Chief Executive Officer | Institute for Automotive Business Excellence

Cecil Bullard

Chief Executive Officer

Cecil Bullard is a 32-year veteran of the Automotive Service Industry and has run some of the best independent shops in the United States. His extensive experience in the industry has given him invaluable insight into what makes an Automotive Service Business most successful.

Cecil is a trainer for the WorldPac Training Institute as well as his own business the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence. He has been a featured speaker at automotive events such as CARS in Las Vegas, VISION in Kansas City and ATE in Washington State and has given hundreds of seminars and webinars training tens of thousands of shop owners, Service Advisors and Managers throughout the United States. He is a leading industry writer and is currently the Management Writer for Motor Magazine. He has been featured in many industry publications, including: Parts and People, AutoInc, Shop Owner.

He is a Co-founder of QuickTrac Software. He obtained his Bachelors of Science degree from Weber State University where he graduated Summa Cum Laude.

BJ Lee - VP Client Development | Institute for Automotive Business Excellence

BJ Lee

V.P. Client Development

Throughout the years, B.J. has managed, owned or partnered in several repair shops and has gained a wealth of experience in which he used to train others within his own organizations as well as abroad. Sales skills are a great strength for B.J. as he always delivers the benefits of the sale to his clients and settles for nothing less than high marks in customer satisfaction.

Whether working in a high-end store or a small rural community, B.J. can easily adapt to any challenges quickly. B.J.’s success and experience has given him the opportunity to partner with Cecil and the Team at The Institute and to be a Consultant to other shop owners and service advisors. Moving up quickly in the field of Business Consulting, B.J. is making a name for himself and loves to see the positive changes within the auto repair industry. B.J. also has written monthly Shop Smarts columns for Ratchet + Wrench Magazine.

Married to his wife Rachel for 30 years, they have son Bobby and daughter Jena and are enjoying their 1st grandchild, Willow Monroe. B.J. and his wife frequent Hawaii and plan to retire there.

Bill Greeno - Consultant | Institute for Automotive Business Excellence

Bill Greeno


Bill Greeno resides in Truckee, CA., a small mountain town just North of Lake Tahoe, with his wife Sheila and two daughters. He is a Consultant with The Institute as well as the owner of Quality Automotive and Smog (an all makes all models type shop).

Bill has been teaching in one capacity or another since he became a ski instructor at the age of 17. He has also been in management and leadership roles since the age of 20 as a trainer of ski instructors and ski school supervisor. In the summers Bill worked in the woods as a Hotshot for the Plumas National Forest then for a Timber Management company as the Operations Manager. Bill observed many titles that represented similar responsibilities. In the ski industry, there were directors, assistant directors, technical directors, and in the woods titles like Superintendent, Captain, Ramrod, and Side-rod.

It was about this time that he began looking at the specific roles of individuals within the chain of leadership and how they behaved. Always being fortunate to work with successful teams this became a study for Bill. Today Bill is excited to teach all aspects of the Automotive Industry from the business side to the operations side to the Leadership, and Management. But, his passion is definitely sharing his knowledge about Leadership and Management. Bill has been successful throughout his life at elevating those around him; to represent themselves well and to ultimately achieve leadership in their own rights.

Ryan Clo - Consultant | Institute for Automotive Business Excellence

Ryan Clo


Ryan Clo grew up in Cincinnati, OH and attended Ohio University where he just didn’t quite fit in. Having an intense desire to understand how things work combined with working at his own (fast) pace, the automotive service business was a natural place for him to find his calling.

There were, of course, great lessons along the way that could only be learned in the school of life experience. 16 years ago, Ryan founded Dubwerx, an independent Audi and Volkswagen specialty shop. In true entrepreneurial spirit, he solved a problem for Audi and VW owners in Cincinnati, OH. He became the one who would work on the cars no one else wanted to…

After close to 20 years in the automotive service industry, Ryan still owns Dubwerx. He has grown it into a highly profitable business with 8 staff members, 99% customer satisfaction, and automated systems and processes so that his presence is not required on site.

Ryan foolishly considered retirement at the age of 35 but found the lack of work-based purposea tad uncomfortable (read: anxiety producing). With the choice to start another automotive shop (the easier choice) or to begin teaching and consulting (the harder choice), Ryan chose the harder path as years of working on cars has made him impervious to suffering.

Ryan currently consults for the Institute of Automotive Business Excellence, providing guidance to automotive businesses including teaching classes and seminars, on-site evaluations, off-site coaching, business plan development, and one-on-one coaching with owners, staff, and anyone who will listen to him talk. He is known at The Institute as the “Systems and Processes guy” and also “The Ginger.” Ryan is also involved in the growing startup community in Cincinnati, OH meeting with other entrepreneurs regularly to discuss best practices, the future of business, and how to keep sane in this constantly changing professional landscape.

Kent Bullard - V.P. of Operations | Institute for Automotive Business Excellence

Kent Bullard

V.P. of Operations

Kent grew up in Ogden UT, graduated from Ogden high and attended The University of Utah and Weber State University before diving head first into the automotive industry. Ambitious and creative, Kent has a heart for helping others achieve great things, which is a perfect fit for him at The Institute. “Given the opportunity to help, not only my father but people who need it is incredibly rewarding,” Having been raised by Cecil, a keen eye for detail has been ingrained in him from a young age.

In his downtime, Kent writes and performs music. Music has been an inspiration and form of expression for him; life wouldn’t be near as exciting without it. He also enjoys playing video games. The constant challenges and engagement along with an immersive storyline are better than any book in his opinion. Fitness has recently become a passion of his and he thrives for new challenges every day.

Patrick Howard - Consultant | Institute for Automotive Business Excellence

Patrick Howard


Patrick is a California native. He currently lives in Huntington Beach Ca. with his wife Jessica and his two sons Jonny and Wyatt, Where he enjoys spending time with his family and surfing when time allows.

He is an automotive industry veteran with years of experience as an A.S.E. Certified automotive technician. He literally worked his way up from the bottom, starting off in the industry as an 18 year old kid changing tires in the late 80’s. In the mean time, he has earned an A.S.E. Master certification with L1. Building and Fixing cars have been one of his lifelong passions. His other passion is teaching others how to improve their lives and businesses.

Currently, Patrick is the owner of Star Auto Service in Brea Ca. He has done every job you can do in an auto repair shop. Most recently he was the General Manager of a shop in Huntington Beach Ca where he trained a team of people to provide the highest level of customer service and quality repairs. He has also been featured in magazines such as Ratchet + Wrench.

Patrick is passionate about being a force for affecting change in the automotive industry through training shop owners and their staff how to improve company culture, understanding the numbers that matter, and selling their services ethically.

Scott Caster - Consultant | Institute for Automotive Business Excellence

Scott Caster


Scott is a consultant with the Institute for Automotive Business Excellence, where he brings decades of skill and experience to help his clients realize their business goals. He is from Middleton Idaho and earned a B.A. in Management from St. Mary's College of California.

He has built an impressive resume, serving for 8 years as an air traffic controller in the Naval Reserves, spending 14 years as a Law Enforcement Officer, and running a successful auto repair shop for 16 years. Scott is an ASE Certified Tech and Service Advisor, and received the ATI award for highest gross profit in 2010.

Drawing from his experience in the military, law enforcement, and as an award-winning shop owner, Scott has found great satisfaction as a coach and consultant. In his own words, he says, “I’ve overcome just about every obstacle of owning an automotive business and I'm 100% dedicated to my client’s success. Every professional needs a coach or consultant to assist in their success. Once I decided to change myself—to be a person that makes things happen, the business I owned changed. I can help you can make those changes, too.”

When Scott’s not helping others grow their businesses he enjoys spending time with family, hunting, fishing, or relaxing on a cruise ship.

Michael Aragon - Production Lead | Institute for Automotive Business Excellence

Michael Aragon

Production Lead

Michael was born and raised in Colorado and has lived in Utah for 7 years. He has a passion for creating stories and content that both supports and impacts the people around him. Joining The Institute team has given him a step into the automotive world and the opportunity to truly impact lives in this industry. With his eye for creativity and a "Get It Done" attitude, he has the drive to succeed at what he does.

When he is enjoying his free time, he still shares the same passion to create with photography and videography, which connects him with new people every day. He also has a passion for coffee and the power it has to connect people all across this world.

Kurt Pruhs - Web and Information Systems | Institute for Automotive Business Excellence

Kurt Pruhs

Web and Information Systems

Kurt is web developer and information systems coordinator for The Institute. He began his career as a graphic designer, creating packaging and labeling for retail product manufacturers. He earned a degree in Family and Human Development from Utah State University and later returned to school to study web design and programming. As a web developer he has had the opportunity to build a learning management system, create interactive training materials, develop enterprise web applications, and create websites for a variety of industries and clients. Before joining The Institute Kurt had the opportunity to work in the IT Department of Utah State University which gave him valuable experience planning and developing enterprise level web applications.

In his free time, Kurt enjoys pizza, cooking, baking, wood working, carving, pizza, and working on cars. He loves reading and learning, and pizza, but especially loves his wife and 3 daughters (and pizza).


The Institute for Automotive Business Excellence and the WORLDPAC Training Institute both provide much of the industry’s best education so it was natural that we would partner.
Here at the Institute we are very excited to start 2019 as a WORLDPAC Training Institute partner and look forward to continuing to push the boundaries of exceptional education for the Automotive Service and Repair Industry.

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