Complimentary Business Analysis for Auto Businesses
When are doing the right things your results will be amazing

You can’t manage what you do not measure. And we mean, on paper. Charting, looking for trending and identifying pattern failures are all management activities that need to be addressed for your business. This doesn’t happen in your head (If it is not in writing, it does NOT exist.) and if not practiced, sustainable improvement is never achieved.

This complimentary Business Analysis is designed to give you a high level overview of key performance indicators in your business. By giving us ten numbers, we can identify and produce a baseline measurement in ten areas of your business that you should be monitoring.

It begins with Opportunity, can be limited by sale rates, is influenced by effective labor rate and manifests itself in your Average Repair Order. Opportunity is built through complete and thorough inspections, proper estimating and by presenting the “Big Picture” to every customer, every time. More cars is not always the answer – doing more for less provides better customer service and builds lasting relationships.

By measuring your loss from effective labor rate variances and low productivity you can have a significant impact on your parts and labor margins. Sales teams that emotionally discount, including owners, are giving their profit away by the thousands. It is important to hold the line with the pricing that supports your company vision and brand.

If your goals are for a healthy balance of average hours per repair order and stable parts to labor ratios – you can establish long term and consistent value in your business. Maybe you are working on an exit strategy or you are building and training to establish a family tradition and legacy. Either way – you deserve to build a business that measures margins that matter and is a successful, sustainable business leading the industry into the future.

Are you seeing the kind of return you want in your automotive repair business? Are you leaving money on the table due to inefficiency? Maybe you have yet to tap your true potential. Let The Institute for Automotive Business Excellence conduct a Complimentary Business Analysis to find the strong and weak points of your business.


By completing these questions we can complete key process indicators that can measure specific areas of you business. You will receive a three to four page analysis with an invitation to accept our 15 minute call to discuss your questions about the analysis. No pressure, no strings attached. No follow up call unless you specifically ask for it. Your email will NOT be added to any lists by completing this activity. The only way to get on our email list is to send in a specific request to be added.