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We strive for success, whether in business or in the lives of those we interact with. We want to create a sense of professionalism and pride our industry and do so with honesty, integrity, and compassion. The Institute is a force for change, passionately pushing the boundaries of what success in our industry looks like.

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What can our team offer your Automotive Business?

The Institute for Automotive Business Excellence provides Convenient & Affordable Online Education for Business Owners, Managers, Service Advisors and Technicians. We offer the most comprehensive education in the industry and have something for everyone. We evaluate where you are now and help you get to where you want to be.

Whether you choose to view one of our convenient, online training classes, attend a workshop or webinar, have us perform a Business Success Plan shop evaluation for you, or take advantage of our Automotive Business Masters phone and on-site coaching, you will find superior education at an exceptional price!

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Randy Hoffman Randy Hoffman

“Our Customers Are More Satisfied, My Staff Is More Productive” Hiring The Institute team as a consultant was the single most important decision that I’ve made in the 13 years that I have owned an auto shop.
Their recommendations and support have led to improvements in every area of my business. Our customers are more satisfied, my staff is more productive and better compensated, and the shop is running more efficiently.
Our average customer repair order increased 30% in the first 6 months after hiring The Institute for Automotive Business Excellence, and an additional 30% in the 6 months following that. Our total sales have increased 30%, and we are spending our money more strategically. The Institute’s guidance has been truly transformative for our shop.

Bryan and Becki MCginnis Bryan and Becki MCginnis Owners - Autovantage Service Center

“We Now Have Purpose In How We Run Our Business” When we opened up our shop we were not supplied with the “Everything You Need to Know to Run Your Business” manual. We did the best we could but without knowledge we had no power to prosper. That is when we met the team at The Institute. Their knowledge and go get em’ attitude got our attention.
What they offered us was the meat and potatoes of what we needed to do for our business to grow. We had been to many management classes & trainings but always felt there was too much touchy feel good stuff. After working with The Institute we now have purpose in how we run our business and we are prospering. The Institute team will not disappoint in helping get your business on track if you allow them to.

Brian Sum Brian Sump Owner - Avalon Motorsports

“We grew 100-200% year-over-year during our consultation” The first time I heard the team at The Institute present, I realized they were masters of the industry. Between our interaction with their team as private consultants and attending several of their classes, we grew 100-200% year-over-year during our consultation period with The Institute and I have the confidence to run my business successfully for many years to come. The team at The Institute has experience as technicians, service advisors and managers at some of the top independent shops and dealerships in the country and this alone gives them an edge over many of the other consultants in the industry.

"Why" we do it

Making You A Priority Every Step Of The Way

4 Reasons Why Someone Becomes an Automotive

Service Repair Business Owner


Goal Money You saw your business as a way to take care of your financial security

You can win the game


Control Control You thought being your own boss would give you more control over your life

You can get what you want from your business


Future Time You wanted the opportunity to have the time you need to do the things you love

You can achieve the future you desire


Training Serendipity You were in the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time – it just happened

You have the freedom to make your own choices


we have to offer

Teaching You How To Build Success

Complimentary Business Analysis


We believe that Knowledge is Power – Specific knowledge Applied Correctly Achieves Results. We believe that if we can share our knowledge the industry will be improved and people’s lives will be blessed (Owners, Staff and Customers). We have worked tirelessly for the past 38 years to obtain the knowledge and for the past 14 years to bless the lives of those working in the Automotive Service Industry.

Over the past 38 years we have gathered, documented and created forms, spreadsheets, pay plans, marketing materials, processes and more... All because we believe that this knowledge, if learned and applied, will lead to better lives for those that work so hard in our industry.

Our Knowledge Center is a repository for everything we have learned and everything we are now learning. Many Shop Owners, Managers and Service Advisors have used this knowledge to better understand and run their businesses, better manage their staff and improve their results. If you would like to increase your Automotive Specific Business Knowledge and have a more profitable and well run business, click below to gain access to our vast library.

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Consulting Services for you


We believe that each business is unique even though we all face some of the same challenges therefore we have created a combination of Memberships that will allow us to help someone in the way that they prefer and can afford. The Institute offers a wealth of resources that come with membership and… using our resources you can improve your business, your results and your piece-of-mind. You can take what we have learned and apply it on your own, we can assist you only when you need us or we can help you to get what you want by working hand-in-hand with you to better understand what you need to do and then get it done.

We have a wide range of ways to help you from our Complimentary Business Analysis, which comes with 15 minutes of our time to discuss your results and no strings attached - to our Masters Program where we create a business plan specific to your business and work side-by-side with you to achieve your goals and everything in between. We can help you as little or as much as you desire to achieve the life you want to live.

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Helping you Achieve your Goals

Here at the Institute we are committed to improving the Automotive Service Industry by helping you achieve your Goals. We want to help you better understand your business and get what you want.

Many Shop Owners feel that their business runs them. Others feel that they are slaves to their business. We can help you gain control of your business and achieve your dreams. Start by clicking below for our Complimentary Business Analysis. One of our Industry Professionals will look over your numbers and send you an analysis that explains several small changes you can make to improve your results. Then if you desire it we will set up an online meeting with you to discuss your results and give you 15 to 20 minutes of our time discussing those things that will help you improve your business. We will not give you a sales pitch and here are no strings attached to this analysis, you can choose to take the information and make the changes alone or you can choose to join us at the Institute where our team will help you understand and take the steps to achieve your goals.

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